Anna & Caroline (Lytz)
Call me at 330-644-0492 or 330-329-0952 ,love Gramma!!

 For Anna E. Lytz and Caroline O. Lytz I am missing you every day.

Gramma & Anna
                                                                                  Caroline & Gramma!
Anna Caroline

Dear Anna and Caroline (Lytz),
Hello my sweet girls! I have been hoping you would find this page for a long time.

I hope that you will read every page and find that you have so many people here in your hometown waiting andwith LOTS OF LOVE FOR YOU.

This entire web site was created for you and is dedicated to keeping you updated on current family events, but at the same time giving you an on line diary to share the countless memories we had together. It write and post photos for you so that you can read and see the endless love I have for all of you. 

I am your daddy, Michael's mom. He is my wonderful son and I love him and you and your mom very very much.

I want you to know that I never abandoned you. I never ever stopped wanting to see you and be a part of your lives.

I was given no choice, and you were given no choice.

I was never given a truthful reason why you were taken away, and the door was suddenly shut  on my contact with you .

The last time I saw you Anna I heard your voice saying  I want to see my Gramma, and Caroline you just looked on as your daddy held you and I was told to leave the house. That was it.

I begged  to be able to see you again, but was told no.
I want you to know that there are no secrets about me, and whatever you have been told, there is another side of the story.  You must find out for yourselves.

I do know however, that love does not end with a door being shut. Love does not end with distance. Love is constant. I have never for one minute stopped loving you, or loving your dad and mom. 

It is not up to me whether or not I can see you or talk to you.
Your Aunt Stephanie even tried to see you when she flew all the way across the country to visit and she was told no and was turned away after she tried so hard.

Two years ago in 2015 I did come 2k miles to reside in your state for the winter and took a chance on coming to see you. It was to no avail.  The door was slammed in my face. (literally). 

I have sent cards and packages to you in the past couple of years, but they have been sent back. I have everything here for you when hopefully some day very soon you reach me.

I have absolutely no anger toward anyone. I never will. Just sadness that so many years have been taken away. 

I had always looked forward to going shopping with you, cooking with you, coming to school events and being a Gramma. Just the simple things. 

You have an entire family of cousins, aunts, uncles , great grandmother and friends all waiting to celebrate your lives. We miss you every holiday and we never forget to include you even if it is only in our hearts.

I check my e mail and phone every day to see if you have written or called.
I miss you so much and hope you are doing great in school,  and that you are happy and making new freinds. But NEVER forget about your freinds and family who love and adore you, and are waiting to see you again. WE WILL BE HERE FOR YOU!
Maybe you remember lots of little gifts and lots of cards I have sent over the years for your Birthday, Christmas, Easter, and just for nothing at all!
Anna , I hope you still have your American Girls Doll .
Caroline I hope you loved your Build a Bear and Fuzzy Robes with your names on them. Do you remember the PINK PIANO! Hope you loved it.
Your twirly ballerina skirts were one of the favorite things I got for you!

I have made a special e mail for you to get in touch with me.
Email me anytime
My phone number is 330-329-0952 or 330-644-0492

You can also go on face book under Charmaine Letta-Smith and write to me.
Lots of friends and family have FACEBOOK so it will be easy to find.
Call me anytime day or night I will be here!
Even figured out Twitter! you can find it @abeulita2aeco

I have never given up for one day trying to reach you and hug you and talk with you.

There is  a beautiful photo gallery for you to see, and I will put up a beautiful video of your daddy when he was younger, along with your Great Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. I know you will love it.
You can also visit youtube , under Charmaine Letta-Smith and find video's.

Keep Looking for photos of Happy Days.
Go to   www.
I just put new ones on for you , hope you enjoy them.xo
Love Always and Forever,
Your Gramma (Charmaine Nicole Letta Smith)

Anna and Daddy ! How Cute!!!

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