Anna & Caroline (Lytz)
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Before Anna and Caroline

Before we were Blessed with both of you, there were so many good times together and I want to share some of those times with you. We are a happy family and everyone had great times. We even got to go to Seattle together all of us for a wedding of Andy and Tanya.

Mom and Dad moved to El Paso shortly after they graduated, and Aunt Elisa was able to come out there and see them! So fun

So even though I have a wonderful journal here for you, I am going to put up some of the precious times we spent together. I love you all.

I am also keeping a day to day journal in your treasure box to read later.

We came to New York several times to visit mom and dad, went to the city which your dad enjoyed so much, and even met up with John Cornacchione and Stephanie, had dinner in Little Italy and it was so fun. Aunt Elisa and Uncle Jon came to visit in New York and Daddy had a great time with them.

There are so many great stories I cant wait to tell you., about our lives when your dad was little,went to St. Anthony grade school and Hoban high school, then college at Ohio State.

There is so much to share, much more than I can put on this website, so I cannot wait to talk with you and share so much love and happiness.
(Mom , Me, Dad in New York)(Gramma, Tanya, Mom in Seattle)