Anna & Caroline (Lytz)
Call me at 330-644-0492 or 330-329-0952 ,love Gramma!!

Anna Angel and Princess Caroline:

I carry Your Heart with me, always, I carry it in my Heart., no matter how far away you are., you are with me.

When times are hard and seem too difficult to bear, I wish you the love of a Gramma who will always show you that I care.
When sadness clouds your eyes and there is darkness in your day, I wish you laughter from a Gramma to brighten your life in every way!
While you work things out, and wait for better times to start, Gramma will be here to lift your spirit and warm your sweet little hearts.
When you need someone to Listen and help to see you through , my prayer is that you think of me and KNOW I will be there for you........
Nobody Can do for children what Grandparents can do....
They sprinkle  stardust over the lives of their Grandchildren.

If  Nothing is going well, Just call your Gramma! (Italian saying)

Our Grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without question, as no one on earth has ever done.

You never really understanding things fully until you can explain it to your Gramma.

I love you so much most beautiful children, more than anyone on earth and I like you better than anything in the sky. No one can begin to guess  except my heart the true love I have for you.

Loving parents share their children with their grandparents.

Rejoice in everything that God has planned for you.

Always have a listening heart for others.

Did you know sweet girls that  you are the link to 5 generations, how special that is , and you have so many so so many who love  you!

Grandchildren are the Dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.

Always know that I will be here for you no matter what day or what time, I am here and will love you without conditions.

Gramma is your soft pillow to fall on when everything else seems hard for you. That's what God made Gramma's for!

Always remember to Forgive and forget so you can have Peace.

If I could reach up and grab a star for every time
you have made me Smile, The sky would be in my hand.

Be Who you are, and Say what you Feel, because those who mind do not matter,
And those who matter, do not mind......

The Truth is my darling Angels, somebody is going to hurt you at sometime in your life. You just have to figure out the somebody who is worth hurting for. Then.........move on and know you are loved.

Who's your Gramma!?

Well it's now 2015, Anna you are going to turn 13 in a few days and we are about 1 hour away from you in Oceanside California.

I was sitting here at my desk and thought I would write down a few hundred things about myself that you may want to read about someday.
Please do not get too terribly bored! Ha, I love you.

I was born on June 7, 1956 to Ethel Joann Fanody and Albert Letta.
I weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces. I was born at Akron St. Thomas Hospital which is still there to this day. It was a Catholic Hospital mostly run by nuns.
I grew up on 872 Carpenter Street, Akron Ohio. North Hill. Same place as most if not all of your relatives grew up. My dad, your great grandfather was a rubber worker and we lived a pleasant life, with very little or no frills. It was good because I really did not want  for anything.

Growing  up in a neighborhood on North Hill was the best. We went to Big Grammas every Sunday, played in the street and walked to St. Martha school. I was and still am very close to my sister your Great Aunt Stephanie. She and your other great Aunt Michelle are my two siblings.

I was an average student at St. Martha, but excelled in sports. It was my passion. Basketball, baseball, and track. I earned 13 first place trophies in the track field and was invited to the Jesse Owen Junior Olympic tryouts at the age of 13. I did not go because the family had a picnic of some sort that weekend, and my mother did not feel the importance of such things.

I moved to 1199 Mt. Vernon Avenue at the age of 14, attended Jennings Jr. High which I loved also and then Akron North High.

I was on the homecoming court at North and loved my social life. I had and still do have many of the same friends for 50 years. We still get together at Dontino's and catch up on the latest news.

In my junior year , in January of 1973 I found out at age 16 I would be blessed with your dad, my Michael. It was a terrible shock to everyone, and I went away from the family for 7 months to live in PA. with a cousin. It was a real scarlet letter at the time, but I didn't care, and I had the love and support of my Big Gramma who thought this was wonderful. (My mother wasn't so happy) My dad was tolerant, and secretly I think he was excited.

On August 17, 1973 at 8 months gestation, along came my beloved son. I absolutely adored the very sight of him, and loved him beyond any imagination. I still do. I left school, earned my diploma ahead of my class in May of 1974 and started working at the age of 17 at Roadway express. I made 110.00 a week and lived on Mt. Vernon with my baby boy.

Much to my dismay, I was told that I had to vacate Mt. Vernon on my 18th birthday. It was a terrible time and I never wanted to marry the father. I knew I did not love him, never did, but in those days you (I) was forced to make a very bad decision. It never worked out , and someday I will tell you more about it. I do not hold grudges nor regret or look back at anything, but boy was that the biggest mistake of my life to marry someone you had no feelings for.

So for the next 18 years, I worked and worked , threw myself into the love of my children and was blessed with a daughter your Aunt Elisa in 1979.

After 18 years of misery I decided it was enough, packed my things and left.

I met Big Rod in 1990,  and nine months later we were married. Best decision ever.

We blended a family of 3 children from him, Andy Stacey and Joey, then Michael and Elisa. It was not easy but somehow we made it work. I think.?

I worked at the Portage Country Club for 28 years and met incredible people, started out as a waitress and worked my way to an event planner. It was a good job, but my heart always wanted to be a registered nurse. That was my passion. I did do quite a bit of volunteer work at the hospital and at one time for about 4 years I even worked as an EKG technician., so I carried two jobs and tried to juggle 5 childrens lives, and a hubby. I was only 34 years old.

Many stories in between, but that is the gist of where I came from and how I got to where I am today at 58. I love my life other than missing you two and your dad. This is the greatest trial I have ever been through in my life. I can't imagine anything worse than loosing your child, other than loosing your child and your grandchildren also. More to come and I hope I have not bored you to pieces.
I love you , Gramma . January 11, 2015

August 2015

Hello Angel's

Just a catch up note to tell you how much we LOVED Oceanside California for the winter. We are coming back this year for 3 more months.
There is so much to do and see in California I can see why you are probably enjoying it.
As you may or may not know, I stopped by your apartment in January to drop off a card for Anna's 13th birthday.
Wow was that a mistake. Caroline was sent to her room and I was met with great hostility and anger.
I was told to leave and never come back. I was told that I was terribly hated , and many more terrible things I don't want to tell you.
Anna , you were not home. I had a card with 100.00 in it for you , so I have saved it.
I also sent Christmas gifts to your apartment, a large box for both of you and it was refused. I am so sad to think that you two are being denied some of the fun in life because I am so hated.
I did get to see , hold and kiss my precious and beloved son, Michael.
Your daddy. He is so beautiful in spite of all of this and I love him beyond words.
I wish the hatred would stop, I begged, to no avail.
I did however get to see Rodeo drive, Hollywood, and all of the great places in Beverly Hills.
We plan to go to Catalina Island this year and do some exploring.
I do not plan to come back to your house. I will just wait it out in hopes that one of you will contact me.
I will be there for you on the next plane out.
Spring and summer were good, uneventful, but good.
We have been out on the motorcycle a lot, had some great parties in the Bog Bar (our basement) and did quite a bit of enjoying Lyla and L. Mason.
We often talk about the two of you during the summer as we know how much fun you would have with all of your cousins and extended family.
Anna I cannot believe you are in the 8th grade, and Caroline in the 6th..
I really really hope you are having fun.
Enjoy these years to the fullest, my junior high and high school years were some of the best of my life.
I will close for today with love in my heart and a prayer for your safety.
I hope that when I do see you both, you will embrace the grandmother who has clung on with hope for so long to just be a small part of your life.
Be happy, love yourself, and then you can love other's.