Anna & Caroline (Lytz)
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Dear Anna  Angel and Princess Caroline:

The wonderful memories of you are so beautiful that I burst with love and wonder.
On the day you Were Born! Anna! I thought my heart would jump out! How beautiful a baby you are with brown hair and big round eyes.
I knew from that day our lives were forever changed!
Caroline, We ran to see you waited for hours, and your daddy was about to burst with excitement as he waited to know if you were healthy and perfect., and of course you are, and were! And will forever be!
I have two most precious and beautiful grandaughters, and my thoughts turned to oh, how can I make wonderful memories for them, and how can I be a good Gramma.!
As we took Anna home and stopped at the Ice Cream store after Caroline was born, you rode on the carousel and laughed with other children in the ice cream store.
I thought I had been given two new Angels from God and thanked Him for your perfect health and beauty and wished love and happiness for both of you and for your Mom for being so sweet and your Dad just for being my son.
Each time we visited you brought new excitement of adventure and love.
Just going to the grocery store with Anna in tow was a joy I cannot explain.
The days continued with picnic's and visits weekly to see you.
Anna your first Halloween  was so adorable I could not contain myself.
I have lots of photos of that day.
I have also made a beautiful treasure box for you filled with wonderful things for you to enjoy.
The Easter before Caroline was born we came to surprise Mom and fix the entire Easter dinner for you and her and your daddy.
Matt and Stacey were there, and we had so much fun.We brought a dress from Mexico for you to wear that day and I will put up a picture of it.
There were so many days spent just enjoying each other, going out to dinner which you all loved, and helping to build a beautiful basement in your first house.!
  It was a wonderful home and you loved it so much.
When you moved to your other home, it was even more exiting because there was a wonderful Church across the street, and an Ice cream store down the street. Your dad and mom were thrilled because school was close and you could walk.
I remember running down the street with you in the wagon laughing so hard.
And I remember all of us walking to the restaraunt right over the tracks to have have dinner.
You came to our house alot, and I loved loved loved making spaghetti dinners and sitting with all of you on the outside deck. This is a photo of our home where we spent LOTS OF TIME TOGETHER!! And a picture of Daddy on the Deck.
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Elisa & Jon's Wedding Reception in our back yard.